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dead pixles??


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Just started seeing on my desktop and during the playing of a game red dot, a blue dot and geen dot. There are only 3 of them but they can forsure be noticed now. They are pretty tiny. They are on the left side of my screen. Are thoes dead pixles? Tried a screen capture on them but they dont show up. They are not real close togher. Are thoes dead pixles??

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Tried to edit my last post but no luck. Anyway I used a dry rag and gently rubed the spots and they just disappeared.

So couple of questons.

1.Should I be thankful I only have one dead pixle or return it to the store, its only a few days old.

2.Is there a reason for them in the first place? I am running my settings on the monitors recomended settings. 1280x960

Could sure use your imput.

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Sound like you had a stuck pixel. usually you can get them unstuck by rubbing the screen gently. If you do have a dead pixel it is usually white. You are going to have to talk to somebody at the store that you bought the monitor at to see what the store policy is for dead pixel. Most of the online stores say you have to have at least 6 to 8 dead pixel for them to exchange the monitor or tv.  Here is a program that I use to check for dead or stuck pixel.


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Yea I had several that I was able to rub out no problem. Just have one left. I am working on it now with UDPixel. Not sure if it will work. Seems to be getting smaller. If it does finally get rid of it I will recomend it. Oh its just a cheep one from wally world. I still have the recipt. Think I get 90 days but with them its longer.

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