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Edit of Edit: The edit works instantly, but all my initial posts hang for about a minute.

Edit of Edit of Edit:  :uglystupid2: Well that odd..If I quote someone, the post goes through instantly..

Its all different because the apache max connections is too low I think. Some times it goes instantly others it hangs because the max connections allowed is too low.

EDIT: posting this went fast, but doing the edit hanged

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:idiot2: The post seems to happen instantly....Meaning if I hit post, then click stop on the page, and re-enter the thread, the post is there.  It just doesn't seem to forward me..

Its all good...Overall, the site seems much quicker..  :cool:

Edit: Opposite for me lol..Post hung, edit went instantly..But like I posted above, the actual post happens instantly, it just seems to be not forwarding me...

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