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Internet Problems...!

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Hello guys,

I have a frustrating Internet problem with one of my pc's running Vista.

When i login into vista, the internet stops working for every pc on the network.

Nobody can't surf the web, only IM or software that make intermittent connections (teamspeak/voice) works if they were already connected. After a while it works again and after 5 to 10mins it begins to time-out and only IM and other software works. Can anybody help me fixing this problem?

I have a Starbridge Lynx 210 DSL Modem bridge mode to my D-Link DI-514 Pppoe, which all devices are connected to. Also when my Vista pc is off. All other pcs can surf the internet without this problem.

I've have tried scanning for viruses & ad aware but no luck finding anything.

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on the Vista machine: go to network, right click and open properties...under the name of your network click on customize and then set to private. Make sure the 1st 3 settings under sharing and discovery are on. Then go to network connections and click on properties and uncheck Internet protocol version 6 and both link layer topologys. Reset your router and restart your machine and you should now be good to go.

hope this helps~!

-JxL  :angel:

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