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spyware help!

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Spyware Blaster is another good program...It's not a scanner, it helps to prevent infection in the first place.  It doesn't run in real time either, so it won't use resources.  It basically helps immunize your system from known spyware.

Since I have used it, I scan clean 99% of the time.


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I stopped using Ad-Aware SE and Spybot S&D awhile back and started using Spyware Terminator 2. It works in real time. Its also got 3 modes of scan. Here is the link to it and reviews by CNET . I stopped using Spybot because it was Interfering with the Firefox Updates.


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Well to go with the AVG anti-virus here is there antispyware also. And they have a free rootkit also in there.


Enjoy. And their is also a windows defender available if you look. And its free real time protection.

Never had a problem with any of it.  :grin2:

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