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What does everyone pay for Comcast?

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Where I live it costs $45 a month if you have a cable tv subscription.  I personally think that's anit high, so I called them to cancel.  I told them I am going to DSL for $29.00 per month and they offered me their service for that price.  Obviously, I took them up on their offer. 

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84.99 for On Demand Digital Platinum Plus(Channels)

54.99 (i think) for high speed internet 4000/384 (actually now is going to 6000/768) which is going to be awesome and it's free whenever they get it on my area

so i pay about $150.00 to $160.00 a month

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Monthly Charge(s)

01/22 -  02/21 Standard Cable 42.50

01/22 -  02/21 Internet Service 45.95

    Rented Modem Includes $10.00 Discount For Comcast Cable Subscribers 

  Subtotal 88.45


Taxes & Fee(s)

01/16 Franchise Fee 2.53

01/16 Sales Tax 3.60

01/16 Sales Tax 1.35

01/16 FCC User Fee .06

  Subtotal 7.54

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