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need an opinion on webhosting...


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what do you all think of this package...

3 GB Disk space

150 GB Transfer

$10 per month - includes the following and more:

-hits per month unmetered

-downgrading/upgrading free

-hosted on linux(redhat)

-pop3/imap accounts - unlimited

-includes spam/virus protection with webmail access and secure webmail login

-unlimited email autoresponders

-unlimited email forwarding and email aliases

-unlimited subdomains and domaint pointing

-unlimited ftp accounts and mailing lists

-ecomerce ready (authorize.net + paypal support)

-oscommerce shopping cart

-shared ssl server http://

-web based file manager

-front page extensions

-detailled web statiistics

-own cgi-bin with preinstalled scripts

-latests php support with cache engine and gd

-perl support(with mysql libs and free perl mod installs)

-server side includes

-python,tcl, gnu compilers, jre

-ip filtering system

-mysql + phpmyadmin

-unlimited mysql databases

and a looooooooot more


im thinking of getting this one....any you have thoughts about this plan ? or previous experiences with this company ?

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;) It looks like a decent plan but, what will it be used for? Do you in fact have enough space to do what it is you want. What provisions do they make if you go over your allotted transfer, and does that mean down or up or both?? Do they freeze your account or charge you a higher fee if you go over?? Of course these may be questions you already have answered for yourself.... good luck... :)

8) Microwave

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well honestly.....all i needed is about 1gb of space, the other 2 they offer is just a plus i guess :) and i think that 150gb transfer per month is a lot - well it doesnt get used up easy, or does it ? hehehe....yeah but i think its enough for my needs, since the website is only gonna serve me for a little business im trying to start and for helping out few of my friends by hosting their websites on my domain -

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Well I guess there good but there uptime they say 95% and most are 99%!!! Have you check out http://canaca.com they offer 10gig storage and 200gig transfer but there features are not all that!!! Or you could try http://speedyhost.tk they sound ok!!!

Where are you getting these hosts from .. lol

canaca guarentees "premium bandwith speeds"  yet their speed test  gave me a maximum of 97 kbs  :|....

And speedyhost's motto is " cheap host but good quailty"  ..no capitals nor proper grammar...

Im not saying either of them are bad hosts... just watch where you throw around your money  :- .....

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