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I'd like to understand how speed testing using my files is accomplished


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I have files on my server and want to test from the server to the PC I'm invoking the test from. I would think that the execution path would go from my PC through the network to my server to start a "download" at which time a timestamp is taken. Then when the file has transfered, another timestamp is taken and the difference is calculated. Yet it seems that the test first goes through testmy.net to initiate something ... I see the status bar on my browser incrementing, but I'm not convinced that the file is being transferred directly to my PC. Can someone, perhaps Damon, provide some technical insite how the timing is performed in this case?

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ca3le may be able to set up a remote host for you. Meaning the test files would be located on your server, and you  would take the test via remote link from your pc -> server, then results would be displayed here on testmy for you to see.  That would setup a "speed test" to see what your server is capable of... but if your refering to your pc -> server's  responce time to "initiate" the download , all youd have to do is ping the server, thus giving you a ms (millisecond)  time to your server.

If neither one of thoes are what your talking about then *shrugs*  iunno.

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Thanks Rot for the post, but I already have something set up ... I just want to understand how the download's speed is measured between my server and my PC when the download is invoked through a third party, i.e., testmy.net.

The test is hashed out with TestMy.net but the file is taken from your server.  I assure you.  TestMy.net is serving as the middle man, where all operations take place, but it downloads the data from your server. 

START TIME (testmy.net end)


STOP TIME (testmy.net end)

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couldnt someone make the file(s) a virus and then testmy.net downloads it, then the people who ran the test download it? risky business...

;) Anything is possible but I think this is highly unlikely, first the algorithms would be easily identified and stopped, there would also be several layers of protection along the way to not allow a virus to propagate itself...... WHY ya thinking about sending a Trojan or worm or something??? L0L jk

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