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About testmy.net!!!?


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  I have been with this site for a long time and I have always had some questions about the site!!! Like how long has it been around and what it looked like before!!!? And how many people cable got to his site at first and how he got it to what it is today!!!? I would appreciate if people would answer my questions for me thanks!!! Also please post screen shots of the old site if you have them so we can all see them thanks!!!

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;) jim2006,

A good place to start is go to the archives and look at the oldest post and work this way,I think in August 2003 the older format was changed, I was the 13 member to join and I think VanBuren came a couple of months after me and then Swimmer came right after that. You will find all kinds of info just looking around, I'm sure CA3LE has some old pics of the test window and I'll look also......it has changed several times always a better look. I think your right lots of ppl would find it interesting....good idea

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I love the logo in the last 2 pics.

Someone "MADE" me that logo.  I found out later when a company emailed me that it was a copy of their logo (just slightly edited) - so I had to take it off immediately.  They threatened to sue me, lol.

I am still working on a new logo...

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lol this forum basically is a HUGE chatroom


chatroom usually=bots,

bots usually=spammage,

spammage= :evil3:

haha >> :evil3:

I may do something in the future... nothing planned right now.  I used to have one, but the traffic was too light to keep it up.  Now I am sure there is enough traffic, but I am still debating it.

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