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Is the upgrade necessary??


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Been thinking of chaning out my video card. Jumping from a 8600gt to a 8800gt. Just not sure if the upgrade is necessary. So far I can run crysis on medium settings. Also considering the release of far cry 2. With ram becoming so super cheep. I have already decided to jump my machine from a 2 gig to a 8 gig outfit. The video card is the iffy part. Should I go ahead and get that as well or wait?? What do you guys and gals think.

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The 8800 gt is a good card for the price and my friend showed me some benchmarks comparing that with the 8800 gtx and ultra and they weren't much better for way more money.  If you want to run games better and have the money for it then go for it.





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So dlewis you think I should wait and buy the 9600gt?? or Wait til it hits then get the 8800 gt?  Yea 8 gig of ram is a bit of a over kill. I ran across some "extra money" and thought I would use a small part of it to go ahead and upgrade my computer. Plus 8 gig of ram just sounds cool. Its a Tim Taylor thing.

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even tho its a tim taylor thing...honestly do you really need it? you can always save that money and get like 3 or 4 gigs.....

or if its burning a hole in your pocket spend the extra on the card.....

but yeah, thats what i want to do...wait till the 9600 comes out and wait for a price drop and get the 8800GT

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