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General Question About Upload Speed


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Something i have always questioned but never really understood is.... why is it that braodband service providers ( minus fios) like adelphia, time warner, at&t, ect., ect. give users alot of download speed but are very stingy with upload speeds? Does it cost that company more when a user uses too much upload speed or something because I mean damn near all of them offer up to 10MBit for download speeds but wanna offer 756kbs to 1MBit for upload....why are they soo stingy with upload speeds? I mean, with people switching over to fios when available ( i know I would be gone in a heart beat ) because of faster upload speeds, why dont companys like road runner take head and offer faster packages? This is just something i didnt understand

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i had in the past the same question and the answer was that the big consume comes from p2p file sharing programs such as bittorrent or emule file sharing (hope you know about this kind of programs to better understand) and since they require first to upload before someone can download a file this is some kind of cut from the roots of the downloads . i'm not a knower of technical details but this was the answer.

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