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Pakistan Removes YouTube Ban...


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Pakistan removes YouTube ban after fixing bad routing

Access to YouTube has been restored in Pakistan after the country ordered local Internet providers to unblock the site. The move comes two days after a mistake by one of the telecommunications companies that caused it to identify itself as the fastest route to YouTube, breaking the site around the world.

The problem was corrected after briefly knocking out access to YouTube on Sunday, but the ban within the country remained in effect until Tuesday. While other videos featuring Dutch politician Geert Wilders will still be available to Pakistani users, the offending video that led to the blocking order has been removed by YouTube parent Google.

source: betanews.com

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I think we have a moral problem , initially it was blocked due to

Pakistan's moral code, but due to internation pressure it got the go ahead , wether that was was right or wrong is above my level of thinking,  but google and youtube etc,seem to have without respect

invaded other cultures ,

maybe the old saying "where angels fear to tread" has some real meaning , but not for me to judge 

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