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lets lay the Norton myth either way


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for me it's the devil incarnate , never run it myselfe , but have tried to remove it from friends computers , hell that ain't easy , and I hate working on boxes with Norton installed , maybe it is just me , and my lack of Knowledge ?

maybe you love it ? your views are wellcome .

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Last time I used NAV was the 2004 version. I kept getting a weird C++ error message that would pop up every 5 minutes. Turns out that was caused by me changing my computer logon password shortly before the problem started. Apparently I needed to have a matching password in the LiveUpdate file.  :uglystupid2:

Norton also has a bad habit of letting you know which virus it allowed onto your machine. I love the 4-5 page long "removal tools" on their website that will only print correctly in landscape mode, too.

Expensive, doesn't function properly and causes other problems. What more can you ask of an anti-virus program!  :2funny:

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own/installed norton 2003...basically slowed my dell down so much i uninstalled it...well kind of....basically to uninstall it all i just had to format, because even with an uninstall there are files left over in places.

worst way to spend money for a computer, unless its on someones computer whom you dont like....  :wink:

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There is a program that will completely remove nortons. If memory serves nortons was the one to write the program to completely remove its anti virus software from your computer. I would think a good registry cleaner would do the same but unsure? I never used it. Did use avg free, started getting to many false positives and started and still use to this day avast.

I know I have worked on several computers a year or two ago that had nortons and still tons of virus. Nortons is just horrid. It may have improved but have my doubts. I will just stay with avast.

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