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Smartbro Canopy Subscriber Module Manual! IN-DEPTH!


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:tickedoff: if you are one of those people who likes to explore and gain access :police: to the canopy page in hopes to speed up ones Smartbro connection, i think its better for you to read this manual in order to better understand each options, fields, and terms presented in the canopy page... :grin:

it presents a very in-depth explanations on each field and function. so give it a try...


the version of the manual is kinda old but in general it uses the same terms that are currently in the latest version of canopy page. so check it out.. and tell me what you think!

i'm new to this forum but i consider myself an adept when it comes to networking and specially smartbro to think i have 3 active accounts in smartbro all with reliable connection and speed..... hehe..  :azn:

added bonus you can also ask questions about health and medicines coz its my line of field as well.

im looking forward to hear from you guys! thanks:) :wink:

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had to modify the link..  it was originally 


removed the 2nd http and the 2 slash. :) enjoy. wasnt able to open it coz rapid share said that i had exceeded blah blah. some people sharing MY static smartbro address must have downloaded something else. i'll check on it later. :)

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if I may add. check out the latest User's Manual. it has everything about the Canopy.  :smiley:

<a href="http://rapidshare.com/files/100628597/Canopy_User_Guide.pdf">Canopy User Guide</a>

<a href="http://rapidshare.com/files/100629140/FoxitReader22_setup.exe">Foxit PDF Reader</a> :: Download incase you want one. It's free.


ei cb, i just recently downloaded the manual you said, upon assessment i find it very thorough. but as i continue reading i was saying to myself this is too much. it talks about setting up your own networks of canopy which i believe is not really the purpose of people reading this post.

having said that i suggest you guys to check on the SUBSCRIBER MODULE MANUAL i posted earlier for it specifically focuses about subscriber module and  its functions and stuff.

but if you are one of those nerdy techie type of person who got plans to break in to the Access Point / cell sites or got plans to set up their own AP so they can have thousands of bandwidth. then i advise you to read CB's post for it surely will help you. very detailed... its like more than 500 pages.

but if your just into  definition, normal settings, orientation about the canopy page (Subscriber Module) then i strongly suggest the manual i posted. :)


happy easter!

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