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Last night's Broadcast by Lou Dobbs on Amnesty

tommie gorman

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That completely convinces me Congress has gone insane.The people need to march on Washington DC & give Congress a necktie party.Then elect a new one.

Maybe that would make them our representatives again.

Twenty-four hour "citizenship" for illegals & the city of Washington DC has banned hand guns for citizens.Excluding law enforcement,military,secret service,etc.Wonder why they need them?I guess us regular citizens are just not equal to these "special"citizens & the one they protect.Now to top it off they are taking their anti-handgun law to the Supreme Court in an attempt to spread it across the nation.Guess the don't want us shooting any illegals.

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wow...i'm speechless...

this is a bill that's before congress???...right??...i've totally missed this...i've missed this topic...i've missed hearing about this bill...it's not passed???...right??

omg...this sucks...i sure hope that was exaggerated...what's that bill number???...i'm gonna go look

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  Oh hell w/ it then , i post anyway!

Imagine that, the link is temporarily  closed.  It wont pass, don't worry, this would cause a major uprising in the US of activists.

 Get ready cause ima let loose....

 These fuckers in washington !!  We may sit here while they take and squander our moneys for personal effect of there own, and make this free country slowly a socialistic nightmare, all the while allowing any rotten bastard in that chooses to take what we have worked for generations to build up!

 I was raised in an environment that showed me that I could do and be what I wanted,  whether it be a lazy bum, or be a productive part of society. Being a part of a society that is more or less  give and take, gave me the knowledge and intuition to become something more than just a brick in the wall.

 Looking back, seems as if there was a plan long ago to create a heavily controlled environment for those who chose to be productive by means of mis trust on the governments part.

 Slowly they as a whole continue to take more and more features from what I would call , not rights, but  something that is expected to be a freedom of every human being alive, or dead, and turn them into privileges or so they would call them. And warp them into " should we let them" !

 Well fuck you!  Where's my vote? Where is my representation?

 I don't mean to sound like an anarchist, but the only thing I forsee in the future is total distruction of our human rights to live and breath. We will go through another civil war, you say no? Don't doubt it!  Just let things go a bit further in what we call the house of Representatives , where they decide what is for the good of the country, let them try and make us all live in a communistic world, people that have done nothing more than the jobs they have chosen for life, pay there taxes, make there yards look good,(lol) keep themselves clean, and try to raise there children in a fashion that will make them just as productive in there lives as they are.

 I know as well as many of you here, that the people of this country will not stand for much more control of there lives than we have placed upon us now.

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