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I said get a life dang it.

tommie gorman

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I'm calm :tickedoff: .... i just don't like the idea of stereotyping nor the idea of generalizing and assuming without any hard evidence and personal immersion and experience on a particular subject. dang.  [not-fair]:nono:

OK , I ain't stereotyping  anyone , you posted your sad /cruel story ,

we have a saying in the UK , if you kill it you eat it , and you sure didn't help that dog , we don't call them pets in the UK they are partners , and in my view you don't treat a partner that way ,

just different cultures I guess , and yes all societies  have more important issues on the  road to infinity , but the small ones have a habit of growing and coming back and biting your ass, IMO

easy now.  calm down.  all good fun. im sure its nothing of a put down..i mean he was a mod....mods dont do that.  :azn:

thanks Starship , but this was one of the reasons I relinquished the mod title , I need to be able to speak my mind freely , as I see fit ,and indeed Ianonline is free to do the same , no problem for me ,

Peace all

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i understand roco, no reason to dwell on this issue.. just a minor clash and its no reason to let this thing ruin our virtual relationship.  i know you're good, and i know you got good intentions too.. so lets move on..

anyways, where were we? did you just mentioned bout dragons? lol :hah

hows life in UK roco? here in the Philippines its starting to get really really warm.. beach are starting to get crowded..

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