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i think i broke my computer

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or handicapped it, or made it retarded.  here's what happened.

my video card fan started making an annoying noise a few months after i put it in, so i finally got around to fixing the noise yesterday.  after some inspection i noticed the source of the noise was that the fan blades were scraping against some of the plasting casing.

so, i took apart the video card and removed the fan blades, got out the dremel and sanded the blades down.  it worked, there's no more noise, however...

now my computer has a hard time recognizing my mouse when i turn it on.  i have to unplug and replug in the USB port and sometimes it will light up for a second but then die again.  usually when i turn off the computer a second time and continue the same process, it will eventually notice the USB is plugged in and work.  the only thing i can think of is that i tugged a little hard at the motherboard to get the video card out.

does anyone know what would cause something like this?  this is the first computer i bought all the pieces for and put together ( with help lol ).

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One thing you should do if you assembled your computer is to take them all apart and put it back together part by part.

First thing is put the memory module/s, turn on the computer if it beeps or successfully boots up successfully. If it does, then put the next piece. Example, the hard drive, then turn your computer on again.

Do the same process until you put all your peripherals back. This is the only way if you don't have an extra motherboard to test if one of your peripherals is damaged or defective and/or if you don't have tools to test your motherboard if it's defective or not.

It's quite tedious but this might help.

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