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Radio may kill cancer....


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A ham operator in florida may of stumbled on a idea to not just cure one form of cancer, but all forms of it. 2 leading university's are testing it now on animals. One scientist says its the most promising he has seen in over 20 Years. When Asked why was this not thought of before? Well its just something they never considered. All this info is from a 60 min thing I saw.

Heat will kill a cancer cell. Gold nano particles can be engineered to attach to only a cancer cell. The body is injected with thousands of these type cells. The radio wave heats only the nano cells, Cancer dies. While Its a wait and see, how ironic would it be that such a simple idea would save so many. This truly falls under the "KISS" rule. Keep It simple stupid. Here is a link.


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I have given this thought and really, it just makes sense, heat kills cancer cells, Radio waves are attracted to metal, thats why you have a antena, Radio waves can create heat, While I understand these people that are working on this all the time, just seems to me, they need to start thinking "out side" the box more. Just hope the flipping drug companies don't try to put a stop to this thing, Cause really, The drug companys will loose billions if a cure is found.

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