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Need counter-strike help.


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Hey guys im having some troubles with counterstrike on my new box..

1.  When in game my " choke" is almost 100 at times, but usually about 30.  What causes this?

2. MY NEWEST PROBLEM!: now when i open steam, everythings good and well. But when i open the server list about 30 seconds later, my internet gets b0rked. I mean it completely kills my net till i close steam. 

also, this happens on both of my boxes (xp and vista )  so i know its not my steam files or whatever..

ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated. thank you.


oh and yes, i do have the ports fowarded correctly for CS, HL , HL2, etc, etc. Still no go.  :tickedoff: :tickedoff: :tickedoff:

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