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different processors


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u know i appreciate ur thoughts tommie...thank you...

but what is it about intel people like??? and what is it about amd that u like?? and why not quad core?

I Love AMD still. my dual core is cheap now and is still extremely fast. 

Most people like intel now because they are indeed alot faster than AMD. and alot more people have intel chips in their computers because of how easy it is to overclock and everything. Basically Intel is just waayyyy ahead in the game right now.

and quad core is not needed for most home systems. because there really arent that many if any home programs that need to have 4 cores running. basically untill more programs start getting programmed to run on 4 cores its not needed. a dual core is most likely enough....

If you were to go AMD i'd first off recommend the CPU i have... its the AMD athlon 64x2 5600+ 2.8ghz. i have never had it slow down or go past 18 % usage unless of folding at home.  its amazingly fast and runs very cool...i have it on stock cooler at 26 celcius right now...which is very cool for a dual core.

Intel i'd recommend a core 2 duo. either the 2.4 or teh 2.66ghz one would be great for systems unless its hardcore machine gaming or video editing or soemthing.

What do you mean some gaming? is it new games like crysis or call of duty 4 or is it older games...

and single core CPU's are still nice in home systems where its a basic usage machine. plenty fast for internet and light gaming.  I have an amd athlon 63 3400+ 2.4ghz cpu and its perfectly fine, it ran some newer games like medal of honor airborne no problems on max settings with my system.  but honestly dual cores are so cheap now you might as well throw out a single core unless its a very basic system, but you said some gaming, so maybe some other applications could use more power? so i'd definately say go with a dual core...probably 2.4ghz intel core 2 duo, or maybe the dual core 2.6 or 2.8ghz amd athlon 64 x2.. just depends. in all seriousness i beleive intel is alot faster in most things but my amd flies like none other in my opinion.

also, you have to look at what socket is the motherboard...like socket 775 is the intel core 2 duos and stuff and like socket am2 is for amd's ....

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thx sst...appreciate the input

i'll have to ask on the gaming...

just out of curiosity...how do i find out what my processor is and what ever the socket thingy is??...it's old but runs great that's all i know...and like coknuck says...if it ain't broke don't fix it...but now i'm curious...

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IN reality Intels are not that much faster as far as most applications go with dual cores. And if we all give up on AMD it leaves intel to do what they was doing before AMD came along and gave them some competition and got the prices down. That is what will happen real soon. And yes AMD is on the cheap right now.  :grin2:

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is it by chance a Compaq presario or soemthing like that?

nope...built from scratch...began it's life as a 386 hahaha something or another (yeh the only thing the same is the mouse...hahaha)...windows 3.sumthin er 2. sumthin...i'd have to look have it all written down cuz it was an adventure began  in the olden days...hahaha :haha:

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If you want a good fast processor go with the Intel Core 2 Duo's. AMD can't hold a candle to them. The new 45nm architecture lets Intel put more transistors in a chip and run cooler not to mention faster. 

Edit This is what I was going to build before my tranny went out.

These are prices before rebates

  MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail


Item #: N82E16813130081  $139.99

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80570E8400 - Retail

Model #: BX80570E8400

Item #: N82E16819115037  $199.99

Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Quad Kit Desktop Memory Model PDC24G6400LLQK - Retail

Model #: PDC24G6400LLQK

Item #: N82E16820220267  $89.99

2- Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200AAKS 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

Model #: WD3200AAKS

Item #: N82E16822136074      $74.99   $149.98

ASUS Black IDE DVD-ROM Drive Model DVD-E818A/A6/QT_B+W - Retail

Model #: DVD-E818A/A6/QT_B+W

Item #: N82E16827135160      $18.99


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found it...intel celeron 2.26 GHz 2.39 GHz but i don't see anything about a socket thingy...

Its a socket 478. really no more upgrade possibility with that.

tell me all about the latest and greatest...

cost vs features

amd vs intel (or others)

quad core vs dual core vs single core

some gaming will be done...nothing huge

and anything else u wanna tell me...

thx guys and gals :smitten:

AMD vs Intel... That would be intel all the way. For the past 2 1/2 years intel has spanked AMD up and down the wall, with everything in the house including the kitchen sink. AMD has totally dropped the ball there top of the line processor, can't beat majority of intel's core 2 duo and quad core processors. And what AMD has coming out over the next year can't even touch what intel has coming out. There new shanghai processors are only about 1/3 as fast as intels nehalem processors.

There is really no reason why anyone should even consider a AMD processor right now. They don't have the performance, and can't compete on the price now with intels latest price drops. You can get a quad core harpertown not for the $500+ before, only $242 now http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117151 the new E8xx series is now under $200.

quad core vs dual core vs single core.... Single core is out, with intel now making a dual core celeron. Dual core vs. Quad core, really depends on if you want to spend the extra money or not. They have gotten so much cheaper, that its starting to get to the point where there isn't a real reason to get a dual core, just go for the quad. Now if you will actually use it, thats a different story. For the most part, unless your playing crysis your not going to use all 4 cores in a game. Where a quad core really shines is when you are doing many things at once If you are going to or want to be doing a lot of stuff at once, and have many things open at once, you may want to go for a quad core, otherwise save the money and go for a dual core, but get some extra ram. At least 2GB. Either one you go with, they are going to both be really fast, if you pair them with a good amount of ram. And if you are going to do some gaming get a decent graphics card like a 8600, you don't need something too fancy.

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