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noob with lynix needs some help.........


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Ok I have lynix installed on my slave, its kubuntu, Im using the kde desktop, and sometimes the other one (I can never rember that name!!)

Chose this one just to learn, and boy and girls have I learned. Took me a couple of days just to figure out how to back it up, (Norton Ghost 14!! Tried and works without a hitch)

In kde I for the life of me can not find out how to access my computer harddrives, you know like on xp you just click on (my computer icon)

I would love to know how to change the boot order as well. Wanna boot xp by default (ol lady and kids) . I know there are 2 options (startup manager for ubuntu which I can not find and figure out how to install) And you can edit from the command line, just not sure how??

I am using ubuntu 7.02?? I think?? The 7.10 version would just not behave on my computer. And the 8.04 same thing. It had problems with my nividia drivers.

This version of lynux is just a learning tool. Its stable and runs ok. Playing with both desktops. Kde and the other one I can never rember the name. Learning lots. Lots more to learn. Backing up and restoring was my first big hurdle. I can do that now. Thanks to nortons ghost.  Few weeks Im gonna pop opensuse on my slave.

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There is a final release of 8.04


I am gonna load that one today. I guess Im still to to used to windows. I did try the update feature in the release I had, I ASSUMED it was just updates for what I already had, I did not realize they also included new programs. In the updates I found a program to access my cd drive. So stay tuned probally be back later to day or tommorow with more questions. Like how to install flash all that good stuff. Unless someone has a link on how to do all this kinda stuff,

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