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creating a partition


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How do i create a partition in my hardrive so i can put linux on that?

i just want to mess around with it. i have a 300 gig harddrive so if i create like a 100 gig for it, that will be more than enough.

Depends on the distro you want to install, but in general, at the beginning of the Linux installation, they will ask how you would like to install. Choose use largest free space. Use grub for the boot loader, and you'll be fine.

Many live cd versions have a partitioning tool on them.

Make sure you have your data backed up if you are not familiar.

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When i put the linux cd in says i can do a full installation alongside windows or as the only operating system. so im assuming if a install it alongside windows it will create its own partition for it. Am i right?

There also an option to install inside of windows, but the disk performace is slighty reduced.

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back to how to create a partition.

i did some research and it says to go to disk manament window and right click on the unallocated space and then click on new partition. heres the problem i cannot find the unallocated space.

heres what my window looks like

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I just got done getting my shit back online. I tried to do what you are and ended using Boot & Nuke to clean everything off the HDD and reformat. I went from using 58gigs of space down to 10 gigs. But every thing is great now! So be sure to backup or be sorry. :wink:

What the hell did you do? Then again, I suppose if you knew, it would not have happened.

BTW, be very careful using that boot and nuke, there are some bad things on some of those . I hope it wasn't " dereks " boot and nuke

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