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Help with Gimp


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Nevermind. I found out i just read the instructions wrong. It is PPI.

:lol: if all else fails read the destructions I guess

BTW just googled "Gimp "  fr0stbound  what are you using it for ,if you don't mind me asking ?

as it looks good  for photographic stuff , I only do basic , and use Adobe photodeluxe , it's old now but came free with a scanner ,

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Well I needed an image manipulating program and can't buy Photoshop, so I went with it. I'm such a cheapskate. Yeah, it's pretty good with photos, I mainly use it to just scale some pictures to the right printing size. Just so happens I got a very peculiar request from a friend.

Which gave me back the problem. Gimp measures PPI in X axis and Y axis. It appears that in Photoshop, you just set a single value. My friend said 300 PPI, and he thinks I do it with Photoshop.

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lol I had photoshop 8 on my box , but I never used it , far to complicated for my limited use , lol we must be Bro's as I use all the free stuff also , just for scaning old 50 year old photos of late husbands etc ,

I have used photofiltre  http://www.snapfiles.com/get/photofiltre.html and it seemed good , but I have been using adobe photodeluxe for more than 5 years so I fall back on that most of the time , old habits die hard I guess , but it won't run on Vista 

and one of the reasons I am staying with Xp

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