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ISP Package Price


Is the price you pay for your bandwidth fair?  

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  1. 1. Is the price you pay for your bandwidth fair?

    • Absolutely
    • Absolutly Not
    • Rip off
    • Could be better
    • And of course, shug pee's his pant's

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I have Comcast Cable. I pick #4 too. But I think it is kind of high for what I get. I pay $52.95 a month for 768/8000 plan and most of the time my download speed is half of what it should be, My upload speed is usually  good.

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EVDO. No real speeds advertised. But its the same price as satelite, and way better. Compared to anything in the city it is unfair. But I like where I live so its ok for now. $60

I think the price for it could definitely be better though. Considering how little they do to extend it to us folks. A little ol antenna feeds many.  :wink2:

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I pay $18.95 a month, but I have a download cap of 2GB above that I pay another $10 up a total of 8Gb down , never been over 2Gb a month , :lol:

it's a 8Mbps plan , but due to line lenght I dont normaly see above 5Mbps , ADSL long old line  ,

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I did have the business class account with 2M / 500K but they had some problems with the line and I was only getting 1 M / 250K and downgraded my account to the residential service,

They changed the billing but 3 weeks after that they got the line problems fixed and I still have 2M / 500K for $40.00 less per month so I won't post the company name just in case...

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