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I have been looking to either upgrade my current desktop or just wait until i can build my own from scratch. With all the new stuff that has come out lately it seems like now would be a good time to upgrade. I don't play a whole lot of games but would like something that could at least play Battlefield 2 and similar games without a problem. The computer is an HP with a single core AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with just 512mb of ddr sdram and 64mb of onboard graphics. The model is A320N if that helps. I know for sure I'll need to get more memory and an actual graphics card. not sure exactly what i need as I have heard of unbuffered ram and such. I've looked around on newegg and also ebay but seeing as how i don't have much experience with this stuff i haven't gotten anything yet. I just need enough to make it run a bit better without making it more practical to just build something new. I'll also be upgrading my 17" crt monitor to something bigger and better. I have looked into 19" widescreens but it seems i'd be better off with a 22". I believe the size difference would depend some on my computer too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Its hard to suggest a substantial upgrade on your computer  because I have a hunch that to upgrade one componet you need to upgrade many other componets.  Lets see here,  the motherboard has a AGP 8X slot, that really narrows your choices.  AGP is becoming non existent and so are your options to upgrade on that bus.  Power supply is not listed, can you take a peek inside to check it?  Sorry to say but Athlon 2800+ is less then half as fast a $80 core 2 duo on newegg.  Either that computer can be upgraded to last you another year (of BF2 on low-med detail) or it will have to do as just a Email and webbrowsing computer while you save for a bran new computer. 

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