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How do I find out what to put in Cablenut?

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Hey Tom,  Cablenut is an easy registry editing program, you download the latest version and install it.

Then you look through the zip files on the first post of the link, and find the package you have whether or not it is cable, dsl, satellite, or fiber. And of course what OS you are using.

Once you find it, then open it , it will show the registry values in the cablenut window, and click the save, or add to registry button.


Always restart the machine after applying the setting to allow them to take effect.

If you need a bit of help locating the right one, just post your OS, your upload and your download speed, and I'll see if I can find the right one.


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To answer your question, NO! First download cablenut 4.08 and install. This is the basis of all the cablenut setting being added to the registry. The cablenut settings are trial and error or what works best for you. There are a few that have been proven to be better than others. If you need help after installing Cablenut 4.08 and trying a few settings. Please post what your speed package is so we can help you. Be sure to reboot after adding new settings to your registry.

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I found TCP Optimizer to be more "noob friendly" then CableNut.  Though Cablenut has much more precision tuning.

http://www.testmy.net/t-1013                  <- THE GUIDE of all guides

http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutXP2k.php  <- CableNut Calculator (for estimates not exact!)

speedguide net/analyzer.php                  <- Registry analyzer  (type in the guide.net part)

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