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for the Brit Tiscali users


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for those unfortunatly on the 8Mb max Tiscali LLU plan in the UK ,  :evil2:

I have found getting the right router can make a big differance , for me theThompson speed touch 585v6 made all the differance , along with the tweeking tool "DMT " it's  also good for checking line stats , my BT phone line is old and long (over 2 miles ) and the line, so I was told a few years back would not support over 1.5 Mbps ,

but now in the day I can get over 6Mbps , ( hell I spent years on 1.8Mbps  :evil2:) OK in the evenings when it gets dark and the street lights kick in it drops to 4.5Mbps and I need to resync just the once , no big deaL , btw the test was direct to the Tiscali sever , expect less if testing onwards to that , I can easy loose 20% if testing on the exellent speed test here at TMN ,

it is 3000+ miles away and depends on the route taken ,

BTW the main controling info is the srn ratio , I normaly get 11.5 , below 7.5 and the internet reduces to a crawl , (evenings )  a resync normaly cures that , just pull the modem jack ,and  reinsert (forcing a dslam resync ) no need to reboot the computer that way , as many tiscali folk do , but do that more than 3 times within 1 hour and the dslam at the exchange will down grade your speed for around 3-5 days , (line adaptive rate )

anyone on  tiscali  needing further info ,just  post here ,

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