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A Final Farewell

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I live in rural Southern Louisiana and I thought we would never be able to get broadband. Well, to my surprise in 2005 I found out about HughesNet. We ordered it and I was so excited, we were finally joining the rest of the world. After 3 years of continuous problems and listening to tech support say their famous phrase, "speeds are not guaranteed", I am finally saying goodbye to Hughes. My neighbor decided to start his own internet company. So, I signed on about 3 hours after he launched it and he was at my house the very next day to install it. With hughes on the Small Office plan at $100 a month, our speeds were about 850 Kbps down, 225 Kbps up, and 1100 ms ping times. Our new internet is $60 a month and our speeds are staying about 2--2.3 Mbps down, 1--1.2 Mbps up, and 20--30 ms ping times. We are using a 900MHz Motorola Canopy system and my neighbor connects to the internet at his tower through a fiber connection. Since HughesNet screwed myself (and many others) over for almost 3 years, I just want to say rot in hell Hughes!!! I have acquired several phone numbers for Hughes over the years and I hope they will help those poor souls still stuck with them. So, here they are:

                                    Executive Customer Care Center 1-866-636-0012 (requires a PIN)

                                    Network Operations Center (NOC) 1-301-601-7205

                                    Corporate Office Switch Board (call this # and ask for the Executive Customer Care Center if you don't have                             

                                    a PIN) 1-301-428-5500

                                    Advanced Tech Support (requires a PIN if u are not on the business plans) 1-866-819-0165

                                    Installer Tech Support 1-866-889-3234

                                    Tier 4 Tech Support 1-866-859-2275

Hope these numbers help.

So long and farewell to the HughesNet forum,


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