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I hate comcast....  

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  1. 1. I hate comcast....

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    • I really hate comcast

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share2-KGDJ6VPFX :angry:

Please help me unhate my connection. :angry:

What can I do to help it better?

I am paying for 6meg download speeds and getting 2meg speeds. help please.

I am so tired of this problem. :angry:


Even worse speeds???

why? How to fix? please help???

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I have Comcast too. I get really bad speed test from 9 AM to around Midnight. Just too many people on the same line.  I don't think there is any thing you can do to improve your speed. You can call Comcast,but they are only going to give you the run around. I am waiting for the day that FIOS comes to my town.Then Comcast is done!

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axelrose, I forgot to ask earlier are you using a router?

Edit: try this file. I have a 10/1 and it works good.

i AM using a router but have frequently tried the connection by bypassing the router completely.

I tried your FILE and it made no difference.


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Have you had Comcast come out and check the line from the pole to the modem? Could be a bad splitter. You should call Comcast and complain.

See that's why I am so stuck. Comcast came out and installed a new line from the Pole to my House less than one week ago.

What in the world?

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So I take it you were having this problem before they came out? I've had my provider (insightbb) replace every thing from the pole to the modem. All new cables and splitters.

Yes, it was an issue before and after the new line was installed. My modem signal values are also very good considering this slow connection.

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