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I have forceware that won't install. System is Toshiba Satellite x205 s9359, components are: Vista Ultimate, 4 Gigs ram, Intel Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA 8700M GT 512Gbs dedicated vram. The forceware is from NVIDIA's website. 163.44 through 174.0, have all loaded but when I try to install Toshiba rejects them.

How do I force the forceware through on my system?

I installed Gears of War last night, it is telling me to install the first forceware driver (163.44) before it will proceed.

I called Toshiba tech advice (I'm still under waranty) but as you know, talking to any customer service these days is like pulling teeth, I really can't stand it. Some lady from Pakistan or India last night took 5 minutes to get my name correctly, which is Davis, she acted like she never heard of such a name before, she probably hadn't!

So can one of you great fellow American chaps please help with this?

I'll be online this morning (west coast) and will chat with anyone who can help..


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Make sure you are trying to download the ones for the mobile graphics cards and also for windows vista 32bit. And I would also try toshibas website and see if they have the drivers you need in their download section. The 167.51 is the ones you would get from nvidias website. But I had an old gateway at one time that would only accept drivers released in a gateway driver pack so maybe toshiba is doing that. Also maybe your vista is blocking it.

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Correct, they are special drivers needed to run NVIDIA graphics cards. It can be annoying because in my case, the latest driver needed for the NVIDIA mobile chipset is installed and works perfectly. However some games require another driver called forceware. It is bizarre, here I am with this smoking hot graphics power but with 2 games that I know of I must have forceware driver installed or the games will crash at startup. 99.99 percent of games I install run beautifully with FPS scores of 300+ in DX09 software like HL2. Also most DX10 games like Crysis and Call of Duty4 run well at high settings.

The problem is with Toshiba. They have designed the driver installation process so that these can only be installed from their "Toshiba Model Selector" site. This is secure but they should really get these forceware drivers included on the list.

I am otherwise impressed with this system, it is powerful and most importantly, future proofed with it's unique specs.

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I was just playing with different settings and discovered that Gears of War will run fine from the Games file in my OS ( Vista Ultimate). I ran it from several places and sure enough, only from the Games file (native to Vista Ultimate) will it run with full functions. So there you are, problem solved. Vista continues to be quirky. This game is manufactured by Microsoft and so is the OS so you would think they would mesh just fine but Vista is full of surprises. I still love the OS though and find it challenging to work around the issues. Gears of War runs extremely well at default setting's from what I see so far. I closed out and restarted the game to see if it was saving my progress and all that and it's doing fine. Still when I open from the desktop icon or anywhere else except the Games file, it crashes at the beginning.

I cannot find any forceware from NVDIA. Installed into my system. I mean, of course, I have the exe files in my download box but not installed.

Quirky Vista. But I still love it anyway.

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