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I could open my canopy by changing my ip address to, and by using the address obtained form the msdos command arp -a, which is

Here's the problem....While exploring my canopy site( or whatever it is called), I became curious about the public / local stuff and the dhcp enable/disable.......so I set them to local and enabled (just experimenting..XD)  :2funny: I

saved the changes and returned my ip address to obtain automatically....

I browsed again the net...blahblah blah.....and then I realized that changes I made was not beneficial (in terms of speed and quality).. so I decided to set it to their original settings.....

So I did the ip method and typed my canopy something( in the address bar.. :sad:

I was expecting to see the familiar background..when....WTFFFFFFF!!!!!!! My canopy page didn't load(it only said page could not be found or something,....)

I became furious and tried to disable the dhcp something through regedit and admin tools....(DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, I CHANGED IT BACK AGAIN)

Yes...I can browse the net and sign in on ym and GG..but I feel sad because my experience in opening my canopy page is fun.... :cry: :cry: :cry:

BTW I tried to change my color code but when I get back to the net, I was directed to smart bro portal...( that's only a FYI) PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

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