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Testmy.net detailed site map

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Yeah, I've been workin on SEO for like the past 30 hours, haha  :-P -- sitemaps and such.  There is an XML download at the bottom of that page and a 2nd XML for WAP 2.0... then a 3rd sitemap is in the root that the server is now set to auto generate, I think I set that cron to once a day.  Anyways, it should give the spiders a better idea of the site layout.  -- and our users.  :)


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silly tommie...don't u know we had u figured out a long time ago :)

You mean the jig is up?  :icon_scratch:

Man I wonder where granpa has been hiding as of late.

So there are 100 topics total? How does that contraption work anyway? I know there are over 100 topics since the begining. Does it take a special key to start it and test drive it?  :wink2:

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I'm not hiding, "I'm watching you". Anyway I'll have to check this out later but I use Expedia Maps, works for me to find where everone is. :smiley:

well aren't u our dearest little prowler :) everytime we post a post wondering about u...there u r...resop is gonna think ur trying to take his job as resident troll and bouncer


and on that note...where's paladin...maybe he'll see this and post...

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