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NEW iPhone Mobile Speedtest....


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Mobile Speedtest:

So with the new iPhone coming out likely on Monday, I thought it was time to revamp the mobile speedtest, and well since http://testmymobile.net/ doesn't work it was probably a good thing  :haha:

I don't have it under a domain yet, but you can use the ipaddress I posted above to get too it, and use it. Its runs pretty damn good, and look amazing on the iphone. Ive built in several things that you are use too here to make it the best mobile speed test. When you run a test, if it does not last long enough, it will forward you onto a bigger test so you can get a more accurate test. There is in site stat tracking. You can see global test stats, as well as your user stats when you register to track your stats. You can view the results of your last 100 speedtests, as well the last 100 global results.

If you register now, when its on its own domain name your username will still work.

It was designed specifically for the iPhone, but will work for just about any phone, that can get on the internet. Test the hell out of it, and give me your best shot....

Here are some screen shots on how it looks in the iphone...

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that will be on here shortly...probably under the old mobile domain of testmymobile...

we need lots of testers...and post ur scores please :) very much appreciated

That's the problem with the Iphone...You can't copy and paste.  :cry: My scores were pretty well spot on though.(Right around 1.5mb)

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