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Ok i need some help I really am a noob at Photoshop cs3. SO this is what i'm trying to do i know i will be working crating posters and other colleges for my advertising buissness. The thing is that most of the jobs i get will follow the same pattern so im wondering if i can built a templete in Photoshop with several 2x3 boxes and 2x6 boxes where i can quickly put scan an image in and put it inside those boxes ??

Does that make sense with u guys

I use templetes for web desing so im wondering if they can be used in PS CS3

if so how would i go about doing it? 

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ok try this http://uploadingit.com/files/659519_obc5h/2003_ad1.psd

had to fix it a bit since it was done in a really old version of photoshop  :haha:

But there are 2 layer groups pic_1 and pic_2, when you open them you will see places to just add in your scanned images, in the right place so you don't have to be messing around with anything, and its just quick and easy. you can resize them in under the box with out messing up anything else.

Also just so you know it is quite a big image, depending on how much ram you have you may not want to have a ton of stuff open at the same time.

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Im going to see if i can try this solution and see if i can copy it for my future projects

Thank you

Im also looking into Smart objects

i just read on that and that seems like it could work

Smart objects is really just so you can keep a copy of the original for scaling right in the file of a pasted object so you don't loose quality if you want to scale it back up later.

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