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Happy Father's Day


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I know the feeling, had the party then went out and finished mowing the two acres.  :haha:

:evil6: Bro. you had a party  :shock: ?????,   Hmmmm, everyone is having a party including our Queen , and no, I did not get an invite .........................again ,  :knuppel2:, just wait to she dents her Rolls Royce ,  :lol:

BTW , I bet I am panel beating before you are mowing again ,  :evil2:,

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:evil6: Bro. you had a party  :shock: ?????,   

Yeah, she had one for her dad and brother in law. For me it would have been porridge if not for them. So in a way I am grateful for those guys too.  :smiley:

BTW , I bet I am panel beating before you are mowing again ,  :evil2:,

She drives that badly? I mow every week except in June and July and winter.
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:cry2: my daughter is running a bad streak with cars , every dent was when she wasn't driving (hit and run ) she had a car totaled while it was in a Hypermarket car park ,  the autobox  driver fled the scene , but he was on camera , and paid up , she drives well, hey I taught her to drive  :lol:, yeah ,I taught her to heel and toe rally style , guess you auto guys don't do that , and do handbrake U turns, she is good , not quite up to Dads standards , but she has never been banned from driving  :oops: , anyway she is also good on motorcycles , although now she has kids of her own she don't ride anymore ,

her first bike at 10 y was a 125 cc Yamaha off roader , I wanted her to learn mistakes hurt early in life , she now drives defensively, allways assumes the other guy is a no brain jerk ,

:lol: on the porridge , with my family , I get the dog to sample first .them wait an hour, cold food is better than being permanatly cold

hey,  daughter sent me this card, why the dog features in it  I am not sure , is she trying to tell me something ?

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