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Problem with friends computer

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My friend has a custom built pc which is prolly about 5 years old.

He has a problem with the graphics card thats built into the mother board.. it wont work.

So he added on a pci graphics card but its terrible.

He was wondering if there was any way to fix the onboard graphics card so I tried installing drivers and such but nothing worked.

I tried getting to the bios on his computer but it doesnt even give you an option on startup so im kinda out of ideas

help would be appreciated!

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By wont work do you mean, when you have a monitor plugged in nothing shows up on the display?

Also, make sure the PCI video card is not in the computer when you are trying to get it to work. Most motherboards will turn off the onboard card when a discrete video card is in.

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On-board Video is Crap, PCI cards for video is Crap as well. If he has a AGP port tell him to use that and get a good card for it.

Also on-board video should auto off on by the BIOS. If its custom try hitting the Delete key or one of the Function keys should let you in.

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yeah both of them were in when we were trying it, I'll pull the PCI one out next time. And yeah nothing shows with the onboard.

The onboard is better than the PCI one he has so thats why he wants to use that but it wont work.

And he's not trying to buy a new card so the agp is out of the question..

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You need to pess an  " F " key to access the bios, if thats what you mean by " it wont even give an option on start up ".  Many times it's F2 , or F12 , or the delete key.

  If none of these work, then hell try another, but you could look up the user guide on the MB online, and find out what key it is.  During post I always tap the key until the bios comes up.

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