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Anti Virus from Jump drive


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Simple answer is none.

You can install an anti virus program on a USB key, but all anti-virus programs install registry keys, and have active services that are required to run. So if you where to plug it into another computer it would do nothing.

Why do you want to run one off a USB key anyway?

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not sure how I got this thing either. system is running trend micro security 2008 with latest updates.

Anti - virus programs are not 100% full proof. let alone 50%. A good amount will not stop viruses. And all of them will hardly ever remove the virus fully because it has no clue how many times the virus has copied it self, and what else it has done.

And there is much better antivirus software out there, some of them are free, After you get back up and running I would start using AVG over trend micro.

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okay...dumb blonde question of the day...

if u don't have internet access...how are you posting in here...

i ask this cuz when i don't have access i can't even get in here...:)

Looks like a way to increase your posts to me. :evil6: Tommy better watch out , there is a new SPAMMER in town. :haha:

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