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Silent Referral Tracking

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So I looked around the forums a bit and found didn't find anything yet.  I really post much, but I really like this site.  I've used it enough.  Anyhow so in the mailboxes area is the little note to have friends sign up because Testmy.net is all referrals.  Well I thought about it and after my deliberations felt I would be glad to ask some friends to sign up.  I told them to put my name in the referral box when they sign up.  They said there was no referral box?

Either way, maybe I am mistaken, but minimally I would like to see, just personally how many and who joined because of my meager efforts.  Something like that would be nice.


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well i referred tommie and i never did get any thx from him and as u can see he's quite a post ho...wait maybe he referred me...no wait ca3le referred me :)

anyway...i like that idea...and i'm gonna see that ca3le gets wind of this...i like it...

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