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This stuff drives me nuts!!!!!


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Another poll was done recently. Says 9 out of 10 Americans say gas causing family hardship. Really?? And they also found out, water is wet, the sun is hot and when it rains, puddles tend to form. Do they really think we are so stupid not to already know this?? I have no clue who comes up with these "poll" questions. All I can say is there one college education gone to waste.

Supid polls like this just drive me crazy. http://news.yahoo.com/page/election-2008-political-pulse-gas-prices

Lets see if someone can find one just a stupid.

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Our bills don't come between us, never did , never will.  WE create them , so why would we argue about them.

Sure, we've cancelled a several thousand mile driving trip, but hell, so what. Were gonna need the dollars for food and gas just to get to work so we can pay for food and gas, so we can get to work so we can pay for car insurance anyway.  :haha:

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Just goes to show how much stake people put on the stuff they read in the papers. I like to read science fiction because eventually it turns out to be "Innovational" ... is that a word? - If I say it is and you read it ... does that make it so?

It's so ,  :lol: it's in the online dictionary ,BTW, I tend to read history , as what goes around comes back soon enough ,

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