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9800GT Single Slot - First 9800 single slot card


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It seems that a Chinese website called vga.zol.conm.cn posted a photo of what appears to be the GeForce 9800 GT. The card obviously originates from XFX and uses the same layout as the 8800 GT.

This would be the first 9800 series product with a single slot design. Other than that there not much to show or tell. I'm just really curious to see it can beat the Radeon 4850 in performance. It won't be very long before we know I guess.

Source: http://guru3d.com/news.html#7281

First single slot 9800 series card, looks amazing from what I see in the photo.

Really looking to upgrade, and to a single slot graphics card.

Although I'm waiting until reviews are out for this card, I'll be keeping my eye on it. :wink2:

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I don't really get the attraction of a single slot cooler for medium to high-end cards. They run hot and are very noisy, and aren't capable of moving the hot air out the case.

Besides, if the 9xxx is any indication, it's still on the old architecture, and won't give any surprises. It better be aggressively priced to be worth buying.

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