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Bandwidth is expensive !! DONATION !!


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As you can all See under the Goooooooooooogle Adds i noticed Ca3le has added back a donation for the website

hell yes bandwidth is expensive, but you are in America and renting a server in America which i think from personal experience and fishing around looking for servers and stuff i think it is pretty cheap in the USA bandwidth, much cheaper then in the UK that is for sure.

does any one know any statics of where bandwidth is cheaper?

Korea??? Japan ???? Sweden ????

lets all chip in something if we can to help ca3le out

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  Yea I created a thread about cable putting a donate button on his site before and guess what no body posted a reply!!! I thought it was a good Idea and the button is just about what I suggested almost same saying!!! I take it cable liked the idea and he created it but I created the thread a long while ago!!! But anyway it is nice to see he like my idea thanks!!!

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