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Help make me a computer


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Alright I will be building a computer for my brother and he has about 620-650 to spend shipped.

What he wants is

around 120GBs of disk space

2 Gigs of Ram or so

256-512 Video card

He does not play really any games but MMORPGS but he will now and then use a game that needs a installer disc

(I am sure he actually wants to play games)

So maybe can anyone think of a budget gamer rig?

Thank you for the help,Sorry for the AWFUL formatting .

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We need more info. Are you rebuilding a current computer or are you starting from scratch. If you are rebuilding a computer we need to know what you have so far. If you are starting from scratch you will have a hard time building a gaming computer for that price. You would probably be better off buying a computer from one of the big manufacturers and adding the ram and upgrading the video card later on. Just make sure it has a good power supply so you can run the video card with out any problems.

Edit- Nanobot ideal is also a good way to go.

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I think you should try Nanobot ideal too and buy a barebones computer. If you can't find one you like then try out my ideal and buy one from a big manufactures and upgrade it after you get it.I do not think you could build one from scratch and have the parts shipped for the price you are working with.

Minimum parts needed.






Video card

CD or DVD Player

Operating System

Power Supply

You may be able to swing it using low end parts, I do not think you will be happy with the computer when you get done with it.

Edit- If you are going to run Vista I would recommend at lease 2GB of ram as a minimum. Vista loves memory. I run 4GB of memory in my notebook and 8GB of memory in my desktop computer. Memory is one of the cheapest parts you can buy.

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All be using XP I am currently against getting Vista due to I really didn't like it when I used it awhile and he also just likes XP more and nope we got a monitor gotmilk. I am looking at your suggestion for a system right now.

Edit: Can anyone suggest a power supply I like gotmilk's rig.

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You do not want to go cheap on your power supply. Here are two links to Corsair power supplys. Corsair makes some of the best for a good price power supply and get very good reviews too.

the cheapest one


Second choice


If you do need a OS here is a link to XP home edition



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Sorry, I meant to post a case with a power supply.  I couldn't find the one I found earlier, though.  Here's one.


The whole cheap power supply thing might be true, but my 600W power supply cost me $49.99, and it's worked fine for over a year and a half.  I wish I could find it, but Newegg doesn't carry it anymore.

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you don't have to spend $70+ for a really good powersupply.

You can spend $50 and get an extremely good power supply. Just go with a good company. Antec and SeaSonic are the best

this one is really good http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151039

I personally only buy antec powersupply and will never buy anyone else's, a few of our server's at the office use seasonic power supply's and they have been running 24/7 for about 3 years now with no problems.

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Alright everyone I am going for Round 2 now I need a computer I have around 900-1k to spend I need everything but OS,Monitor,Keyboard,Mouse although... maybe suggest a decent flat screen monitor

Also can anyone give me suggestion on 2 good Wireless cards one for this computer one for my brothers in the upper part of this topic and a good wireless router?

This is not part of the 900-1k <--- Specifically for the system.

I am basically looking for tons of Space maybe 500GBs

4 Gigs of Ram

and the ability to play some games but with 900-1k I hope this wont be to hard to customize

So I need





Hard Drive or drive(s)

Video Card

CD/DVD Player preferably with DL writing capable

Power Supply

Once again sorry for my atrocious structure I cannot seem to convey my thought in a very clear manner at times

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Okay, I had to use some of Newegg's combo deals to make this work.  Scroll down to "combo deals" and find the combos I have listed.

Video card

Memory (X2)

Processor (combo deal with motherboard)

Motherboard (combo with processor)

CD/DVD drive

Case (combo with power supply)

Power supply (combo with case)

Hard drive

$963.32 after rebates, includes shipping.

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