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National Do Not Call Online Registration


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I've been faced with telemarketers for numerous years, and they have gotten to the point of pissing me off, I have found an online registration for cell phones and home phones, all you need is a valid e-mail to confirm you've registred the number, and should be a valid block for telemarketers for as long as you own the phone number.

Simply go to this url: www.donotcall.gov

Click 'Register A Phone Number'

Fill out the form, with a valid E-mail.

Click sumbit, click the link they sent in an e-mail to the valid e-mail.

And your done, it's been a month now, and I've yet to receive any telemarketer calls.

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Something else that works is a very high pitched whistle.  Answer the phone talking in a very low voice so they turn up the volume on the headset.  Then let it wale.  After awhile the first thing they say is "Please don't blow thay whistle in my ear".  My answer "Then quit calling me" and I let it wale again.

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u do have to re-do it every 5 years tho...which means i have to re-register by 8/31 of this year...i saved the emails...sure doesn't seem that long ago...glad u reminded me...wonder if i can do it early...maybe i'll just mark my calendar and wait and see if they send out reminders :evil6:

and don't forget to click the link in the verification email u get...if u don't do it within 72 hours u have to start over.

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It has worked well for me.The only problem I have had is with AlTel when one of there customers gave them my number.I spent about 30 minutes talking to them before I got it straitened out.

Felt like a fool for selecting #3 on my phone.That was what the automated called message said to select if it was the wrong number that it was calling.

When I talked to AlTel I found out that was just a disconnect.

Before I called AlTel I reported them to the Do Not Call list since I wasn't there customer.This did not stop there calls & apparently nothing was done in the way of fines or anything else.

I was just curious to see if anything would be done that's why I reported them.

I probably was getting 3 calls a day for about 3 weeks .I pushed #3 every time.So the joke was on me.

That's just to let everyone know that a simular button from another business may not do what you think it will.

I still fell I had to give them TMI about myself to get the calls stopped.I shouldn't have needed to give them any information about myself since I wasn't & have never been a customer of theirs.They couln't even find the customer they were trying to call with the name being given by the automated call.I had to give them my phone number for one thing.Interesting they could set up an automated call to call a customer of theirs but couldn't find the number they were calling with only the customers name.And the name wasn't Jane Smith .So not so common they shouldn't have been able to find it in their system.But they couldn't.

So all you AlTel customers keep that in mind.

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