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Alltel/Verizon merge. Poll to see how many people think its a bad idea. lol


Should Alltel and Verizon Merge?  

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  1. 1. Should Alltel and Verizon Merge?

    • Yes, it would help both companies and ultimately customers in the long run.
    • No, it would bring the levels of service of both companies down, and ultimately hurt the customers.
    • Undecided.

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  Well it's official, as you all may well know. Alltel will be merging with Verizon. :angry:

I don't know the exact date. It is a real bummer, me being an Alltel subscriber. Currently I have my Samsung SCH-R500 tethered to my pc. I use my cell phone as a modem and only pay $25 a month for unlimited data usage. Verizon is coming in and I am sure that will change. Verizons data plans are limited. I think the highest you can use per month is 5GB for $59.99/month. I go through 5GB in a week.  :grin:  Anyway, I am starting this thread to see what thoughts everyone has on the merge. Please post. Thanks.




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The poll is up gang. Sorry about that, I am new to forums. I guess I should have read the rules a little more closely. The instructions for starting a poll were a little vague, so I did a google and found out how to start a poll in "The embroidery forum." Wow, yes there is such a forum.  :grin:  Anyway, thanks for your patience.

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