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New Toshiba X305 or Gateway P-173XL?


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Ok well I was planning on picking up the Gateway P-173XL in a few weeks, but now Toshiba has come out with a new laptop that looks compelling. I know the Toshiba laptop has faster RAM and I am not sure about the new processor.(It has a slower clock, but a higher bus) I am not sure how the graphics cards compare or which one is the better buy. Setting the price aside which one has better performance?

Toshiba: http://explore.toshiba.com/laptops/q...X305/X305-Q701

Gateway: http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529668093.php

I'm basically looking for a laptop with 17" screen, at least 3GB of RAM, no video cards lesser in performance to 8800 GTS, and at no more than $2000.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I'd go with X305, I like the price, maybe faster ram speed will help the cpu.

Plus it looks cool, front loading DVD tray, flaming red color :grin:

Turns out DDR3 isn't any faster than DDR2 because of the higher timings atm. But it is indeed sexy. :azn:

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Does anybody know how the 9700m GTS stacks up against the 8800m GTS? The 9700m GTS has less SP (48 vs. 64), but is clocked a bit faster (530MHz vs. 500MHz). I am not sure which one would equate to have the better performance though.

Also I wonder if it would be possible to add another HDD and make the Toshiba a RAID 0?

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I finally found the specs for the 9700m GTS for anyone that hasn't seen them yet.

Core: G94

Core Freq: 530MHz

Shaders: 48

Shader Freq: 1325MHz

GFlops/s: 190.8

Texture fill-rate: 24(billion/s)

Memory Interface: 256-bit

Memory Clock: 800MHz

Memory Bandwidth: 51.2GB/s

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