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Repairing 120mm fan with superglue.


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I'm trying to save a little money, and going to see if this work, going to let it dry for a few hours or maybe even over night. But I broke this fan about a month ago, and my case is rather hot without it, so I decided to go ahead and try to repair it myself, hopefully it'll work, but check it so far. lol, just trying stuff out.

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First off super glue only takes a few minutes to set, so letting it sit over night will not make a difference.

And the way you broke it, is quite possibility the worst way to break it. You will never get it back right because of the way you broke it, and it won't spin correctly. Just spend the $5 bucks on a new fan.

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Got to thinking right quick, about what if this thing decided to go hay-wire, what would the damage be, huge, the motherboard would be tore up and what not, so for a quick fix, I cut a hanger up and decided to protect my investment, not nice on the eyes, but it keeps me from worrying.

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