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Xp and the underground.......


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I am shocked that more and more people are bringing down xp from the net. I figured the numbers would get smaller, Instead they just continue to grow and grow. Microsoft made a BIG mistake stopping the selling of xp. People can not find or buy it, they can still acquire a copy with not much of a effort. I bought my xp a year ago, glad I did. I just think most will continue to use xp even a year or 2 after the next release of windows. Think everyone learned there lesson from vista.

As long as the file system stays the same (ntfs) I just can not see a reason to change. It takes little or no effort to clone xp to look, act and feel just like vista. The same will be true with the next release. I think the only hope microsoft has with the next release is not to charge such a huge amount of money to buy it, and the average computer will run it will all the bells and whistles.

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The biggest problem with Vista is that there are so many vendors that have specialty programs that just will not work with Vista for one reason or another.  The samething happened with windows 3.1 to 95, 95 to 98, 98 to XP, XP tp XP SP2.  There will always be those that refuse to upgrade until they have no choice to do so.  Vista works great as long as you have the software that it supports.  The only problems that I have had is with the specialty programs for work that the manufacture refuses to support on Vista.  Part of it is Microsoft's fault, part of it is the software manufactures, and some falls back on the consumer.  The reason I include the consumer is because there is so many that complained the XP was not secure enough.  What's the first thing they want to do when they get Vista?  Start disabling the security features.  There will always be arguments over what OS was better and what software did not work on said OS.  If you like XP keep using it.  There are several people still using 98 and working without problems.  Eventually they will have to upgrade.  They won't be able to get hardware or software to work with the technology of the new generation.  Don't get me wrong, Vista does have it's problems but what OS does not have problems.  Linux and MAC are not immune.  I have seen many Linux box's go chest up and MAC's that get virus's.  And neither you can take to just any PC shop.  Best thing to do is Overcome and adapt

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