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Safety of shopping online?


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I want to bring up something i haven't seen talked about much. What do you guys think about the safety of shopping online? I'm not talking about scams or any insecurities one might get from shopping on a site like eBay but i just mean in general, is it safe to be transferring credit card information over the net? What are some precations someone could take to make sure that their information is safe. The only things i do are use Firefox, run comodo firewall, avg antivirus, be smart about what i click online, and only shop at well known trustworth retailers. Is there anything else a person can do to be safer?

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You can't protect your info online but you can limit possible financial damage from fraud in online transactions by using a separate checking account and a debit card on it for all online buys.

That's what I do and I only deposit enough money in the account to cover the purchases I make.

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Paypal holds the information secure ( or as anything can be secure in this tech world ),and assigns the account a random checksum each transaction that way, NO information is transferred across the net. No need for any kind of firewall , it won't do you a tiny bit of good, when you transfer information, encrypted or not, they still get your info, and that means it has a chance of being recovered by whoever.

Nothing is secure when you transfer information across the net. Nothing can't be seen by those who know what there looking at.

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