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SSL Issues over a router! and DW6000


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I am looking for some help regarding my DW6000 and D-Link router...

I followed a lot of issues regarding how to set up a home network to work correctly with the DW6000 and routers.

My issue is this, every computer on my network can connect fine to the internet and to each other, now I have a small network comprising some 3 servers, 1 is a linux box, the other are windows 2003 servers, one handling mail and anti-virus, dhcp and dns resolution, the other is the test bed for my work, mainly php scripts.

Now as for the rest of my computers, I can view http sites with no issues, I can view SSL websites some of the time! other times I just get this site cannot be found.

I dont understand if I can view certain sites using http and SSL, why is it later on it will not view them sites again?

I thought it was my DNS server of which is forwarding DNS requests to Direcways DNS servers and cashing the results, thats not the problem, I have cleared the cache time after time thinking it was an outdated address. but no... now the weird thing is, even if DNS was outdated, it would not be on the site that I connect to, becasue as most of us know, to have SSL work correctly on your own website it has to have a static IP when you register the SSL, so it cant be an outdated responce.

BUT, if I connect one machine direct to the DW6000 all works fine, so I thought it must be my router!?!?! but how could it be the router? works sometimes, and sometimes it does not.

I am confused, lost and annoyed at this, I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, I am running out of hair to pull :(

Before I get the question "why do I need a DNS server and DHCP server" I will answer it for you..... I need them becasue of the amount of computers on my network, they have to map names to the computers that I work on, DHCP is there to give the computers information for the network, IE my DNS server address, DHCP address, gateway address and so on, and be able to connect to another computer without using the IP address.

Set up is as follows...

All computers connected to a 16 port switch, switch is connected to a router (no dhcp) DW6000 connected to the wan port of the router.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried connecting the DW6000 to one of the LAN ports of the router rather than the WAN port?  With it hooked to the WAN port you are doubling the NAT levels and that MAY be giving you a problem.  Worth a quick try.  Assign the router an out of the way address such as so as not to interfere with the 6000's DHCP handouts.

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I know about the nat layers, my router is not being used as a dhcp server, I have one of my servers doing that, I have to so I can have a static mapping, the DW6000 will not do this and there is no way (that I know of) to have the DW6000 static map, I guess I could set the ip of the other computers (servers already done) to static and not worry about the DHCP server.

I could update the records in DNS to reflect the new IP's.

I tried connecting the DW6000 to a regular port before,  but I want the extra security that my router is giving me, I dont trust always on connections and not being able to use the DW6000 built in firewall (thats has been shut down by DW NOC) I am trusting my own routers firewall.

my router is set on a different IP from the DW6000, the DW6000 as we know is on, my router is on and the wan is on

hope this gives you some more insight to the network.

thanks for your help.

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Ok.  Bear in mind I'm a novice with Direcway's "smoke and mirrors" approach to acting as an ISP.  I do not have DW - I've only dealt with it for other parties.  Your network machines, then, are on the 192.168.1.x subnet and your DNS server should be no problem as long as it's designated in each machines TCP/IP settings.  Also, the 6000's DHCP server should be ignored since it's on , a different subnet.  Have I got this part of your setup correct?

We know that "normally" DW caches http within the 6000.  But, of course, it doesn't cache https - which is why https is "slower".  Are you using the 6000's proxy or any software proxy?  If so, do you have each machine's browser set to proxy ONLY the http and NOT the https?  Do you have your router set to use the 6000 as its gateway?  What about each of your network machines - does your DHCP server provide their gateway info, or have you set a gateway in each machine?

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To tell you the truth, since I got this pile of junk I have had issues.....

Each machine was using DHCP from one of my servers, DHCP was assigning the IP address for the machine (reserved) telling the machines the IP for DNS, and the default gateway for the router,.

All computers were set to use the default gateway which was the router, then the router had its default gateway address, Firefox was set up to proxy direct to the DW6000 on port 87 which worked, but sometimes could not find the page, I beleive now its a caching issue with the DW6000.

HTTPS is slower in most cases becasue the information is encrypted and also not cached, I proxy through no other software package either....

Sorry I may sound a bit nasty tonight, DW6000 has a download speed of 24Kbs, with my usual 5 KBS up, I am not too happy and cant get hold of DW!

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Sorry I may sound a bit nasty tonight, DW6000 has a download speed of 24Kbs, with my usual 5 KBS up, I am not too happy and cant get hold of DW!

No need to be apologetic.  I DO understand the frustration.  I've now got half a dozen folks I deal with who suffer the same way.  One fellow has a setup similar to yours except it's all Windows.  We did away with DHCP and set everything static..  Put AnalogX Proxy on his "server" for http requests and pointed his other machines to it instead of the 6000's proxy.  Reaimed his dish - SS went from 72 to 88.

Now everthing internally works.  But at times DW craps out.  I don't know if it's a sat problem, or the NOC, or what.  And I refuse to talk with New Dehli anymore.  I was told here on this board that working towards "reliability" with DW was essentially a waste of time.  So far I believe it.

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And I refuse to talk with New Dehli anymore.

Dont tell me thats New Dehli INDIA? no wonder I thought I was talking to the same guy each time! I wish an American Company would be loyal to its country!

That make me laugh, there they drive around in a horse and cart and are trying to tell me how to fix my Satelitte issues! OMG

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