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  Hi antoine. I know that different speed test sites use different methods. Some sites have Java based applets used for speed tests, while others use Flash. Different sites have different upload speeds to query your information. Distance is also a factor as well. Depending how far you are from the speed test sites server, you get varying results. The path that the data has to take to communicate between you and the server, i.e. the route taken.  A lot of them that I have been to test in only a few seconds. You can't get an accurate reading that way. I think that Testmy.net's test is the most accurate as it will forward you to the next test size until you sustain a 7 second download. The server is also a powerhouse, so that is a factor as well. And I notice that the top speed test was done at 1:37pm, while the other test was done at 4:11pm. As well, the testmy.net test was run from the server based in Texas, while the other was run from a server based in NYC, NY. All factors to the testing of your machine.

  To get accurate results, one should always

  * Close any other open browser windows you may have open.

  * Close any programs that you have running which may be connecting to the internet.

  * Run this speed test at different times of the day and different days of the week. Network usage will vary depending on the time of day and your speed may be directly affected by the changes in the network.

  *Run tests from the same server, keeping a log of results. Therefore being able to get an accurate average of results.

  *And if you have any web acceleration software, turn it off before testing to get an accurate speed reading.

  Hope I have been of help. And one side comment, I think that is great speed. I have anywhere from 250 - 300 kbps down and 40-70 kbps up. But then again, I live in the boonies.  :smile2:

  Take care,


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