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Hey everyone


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Well, I'm back home.  Been home for a little while now but I've been trying to catch up a bunch of crap so I haven't had too much computer time.  I was gone for like three months or so.  I was all over the place, like 4 cities and towns in CO then I hit up Cali visiting Brentwood, San Diego, Napa Valley, Lake Elsinore, San Francisco.  It was pretty nuts.

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know I'm back in black...

I meant to get a bunch of stuff done yesterday and today but I've been crazy busy on the back end of the server, fixing a couple security issues that someone exploited while I was away.  This is why some of you may have noticed that email notifications have been intermittent since early yesterday.  My EXIM server was being flooded by hundreds of thousands of random emails.  A great bulk of my time was taken up working with my DNS and MX entries, the confusion arose because I moved the TMN email over to google (using Google Apps).. which is friggen awesome by the way, buuuuut this site uses allot of sendmail and google's deal only allows 500 outgoing messages per day (per account) so there's no way I could use that.  But I had a little dilemma, my MX entries were now pointing to googles servers which in turn screwed up my sendmail function and SMTP.  But I finally got it cleared up to where the server can send out it's messages while still serving the rest of my mail needs off google's servers.  Only one little problem I have to deal with now... the server can't send messages to any testmy.net email addresses... but I'm pretty sure I can fix that with 'postfix'.  So yeah, that was tons of SSH fun :-P -- the gmail deal is pretty awesome, even branded with TMN's logo... http://gmail.testmy.net/ (the DNS may not be propagated yet for that URL, if so you can see it here >> http://mail.google.com/a/testmy.net/ ).

ttyl later!


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  Welcome back Ca3le. We missed ya bud. Sounds like you had a heck of a trip.I would love to visit Napa Valley. Heck for that matter any where out west. Haven't been in a while. Not since my Navy days. 

The google deal is pretty kewl though.Hopefully you'll be able to get everything else straight.  Anyway, welcome back!!

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